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You won’t make 30 and BIG news!

I turned thirty in October I was never meant to make it to thirty. The consultants told my Mum and I, “she will be lucky to make it to 20.” Well my 20th came and went..I’m still here. After the heart attack at 21, another consultant said “she will be lucky to see thirty.” Well here I am, alive and kicking… and PLEASED TO BE WRITING AGAIN! So as I said in my last post, I’ve been settling down and growing up. Now I will let you know about the next chapter!  In the last two years Chris and I have become closer and closer and have gone through many milestones together, including a MASSIVE milestone of ENGAGEMENT.  On 23rd July 2020 Chris took a day off work. This particular day was beautiful. The sun was shining, and the atmosphere was just full of happiness and joy. I’d finished my first year in university-I am studying a second degree in Health and Social Care. I finished my first year with a FIRST! Chris said as a treat he was taking me for a picnic at our favourite place- Beverley West

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